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The Perfect Gentlemen present an educational performance geared to all ages called “100 Years of Harmony”.

The purpose of this educational show is to illustrate not only how music and harmony have changed over the last one hundred years but also how the public experiences music through the medium in which they receive it. The show is crafted to take the audience on a musical journey through time, beginning with a re-creation of the classic American image by Norman Rockwell from the cover of the Saturday Evening Post called “Barbershop Quartet,” and ending with today's most popular form of commercial music, rap and hip-hop.

The musical whirlwind begins with songs originally performed by such varied vocal groups as The Buffalo Bills, the Hoosier Hotshots, the Pied Pipers, Elvis and the Jordanaires, the Beatles, etc. Along with these performances, The Perfect Gentlemen have adapted their award-winning routine “Salute to the 20th Century” for an educational setting, singing the song “Shine On Harvest Moon” in the popular style of the day from each era, including the following styles: Barbershop, Dixieland, Blues, Big Band Vocals, Doo-Wop, Surf Music, Disco, Techno-Punk, and Rap, thus aurally illustrating how musical styles have changed through the decades.

In the last one hundred years, people’s experience of listening to music also has changed. You will relive hearing live music from a vaudeville stage, be introduced to buying a piece of sheet music to bring home and play on the piano, and see how musical media have changed through the following inventions: wax cylinders, player piano rolls, 78 records, radio, jukeboxes, 45 records, television, long-playing records, 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, compact discs, mp3s, and iPods.

The Perfect Gentlemen have infused their show with a three-ring circus full of costumes, props, and wigs, along with a share of audience participation. And while the hilarity ensues, the group manages to teach the following four basic elements of music: melody, pitch, harmony, and rhythm. This makes “100 Years of Harmony” a truly educational and entertaining show that could only best be described as “edutainment.”


The Perfect Gentlemen perform “100 Years of Harmony” throughout Southern California as part of the educational rosters of the Los Angeles Music Center, the Orange County Performing Arts Center’s Arts Teach, Performances To Grow On, and Young Audiences of Kern County. If you are interested in booking this performance for your school, whether for an educational assembly, family night, or other type of event, please contact us and we will refer you to the appropriate organization for booking. If you are located outside of Southern California and would like to book our show, you may book directly with us.

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