"Live!" in Paradise is a concert DVD of a 2005 performance at the historic Hawaii Theatre in Honolulu, released in 2006. Now you have a front row seat to watch all of the group's antics on such audience favorites as "Room Service," "Salute to the 20th Century," and "Ukulele Lady." This is the first recording to feature the group's new tenor, Phil Gold. Including cover art by local Hawaiian artist Garry Palm, this entire DVD package is picture perfect.

Meanest Thing You Ever Did
They Wrote 'Em In The Good Ol' Days
Java Jive
Room Service
I Want You To Be My Baby
Salute To The 20th Century
Ukulele Lady




4 Beers & 10 Tags is the newest recording by The Perfect Gentlemen. Released in 2003, the repertoire consists of a cross-section of great vocal group sounds made popular by The Ink Spots, The Delta Rhythm Boys, and The Suntones. Also included are two original tunes penned by the group’s tenor, Tim Reeder. The final ten cuts are barbershop tags, designed for the listener to sing along. The CD comes with a tag book so the notes are there on the page for the listener to jump right in and become one of The Perfect Gentlemen.

Blue Skies
They Wrote 'Em In the Good Ol' Days
Gimme Some Skin
Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me
Ukulele Lady
If Ever I Would Leave You
I Want You To Be My Baby
Java Jive
My Foolish Heart
'Tain't No Sin
Room Service
Word Salad
May Each Day

Danny My Boy
Lovely Snowflakes
Give Me Your Hand
Goodbye Dixie
Talk of the Town
End of the World
My Diane
My Heart Is Longing
My Love Is Gone

Out takes!

Style! is The Perfect Gentlemen’s second recording. Released in 2000, this disc is an eclectic mix showing off the group’s diverse vocal repertoire. Included on this disc is "Salute to the 20th Century," the group’s award-winning signature musical routine which is a humorous take on the de-evolution of music over the last century. Tenor guitar and ukulele accompany some tunes, as well as an upright bass played by Dave Eastly.

If I Were You (I'd Fall In Love With Me)
Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker Man
The River Of No Return
Mind If I Love You?
Turn Your Radio On
Smilin' Through
Salute To The 20th Century
I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones)



Beside Ourselves is the first recording by The Perfect Gentlemen. Released in 1999, it is a collection of classic barbershop arrangements. An added feature to a number of songs on this recording is the Deagan Organ Chimes, a turn of the century instrument made by the J.C. Deagan Company. Other instruments and sounds include tenor guitar, nose whistle, harmonica, and believe it or not, a Scotch predator call. Great music and the group’s trademark humor make for a winning combination. Sadly, this recording is now out-of-print on compact disc. For those of you who have a tape player in their cars, there are still some audio cassettes available (does anyone remember cassette tape?).

Happy Days Are Here Again
The Disney Medley (Whistle While You Work, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, It's A Small World, Heigh-Ho, Mickey Mouse Club March)
When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along
A "Classical" Selection
Mr. Sandman
Remember Dad On Mother's Day
Java Jive
When You Wish Upon A Star
Shine On, Harvest Moon
Just In Case You Change Your Mind
Cielito Lindo
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Daddy Sang Bass
While Strolling Through the Park One Day
They Wrote 'Em In the Good Ol' Days
Darkness on the Delta
So Long!



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